The Roots Music Association is committed to providing an international voice and forum for all roots based
music formats in an alliance that will strive for the advancement of indpendent artists and will continue to
encourage radio stations to play music outside of mainstream Top 40 charts. We strive to work in
collaboration with any association or entity that shares our goals and vision towards the advancement of
roots music.

We are committed to collectively advocating for roots music on a multitude of levels within the music industry
with that belief that if we bring all music formats together through a deliberate and focused effort it will serve
to help assist the music and its artists and musicians.

As the online association grows rapidly in its beginning stages we will continue to update this website with
additional interactive and educational features such as blogging, chatrooms, online voting features, music
news feeds, member posted articled and sponsorship postings. Board meetings will be held through video
conferencing which will allow all members to participate and provide constructive feedback and input.

The Roots Music Association is a grassroots effort, created soley to be a collective voice and it truly belongs
to the membership. We welcome all input and ideas as it will be our member participation that continually
determines our direction and focus. We have an open door policy and we not only welcome everyone's
involvement, but encourage and anticipate it.

Together we can become part of the solution.

Our goal is to bring all music formats together around the globe to form an alliance that will work for the
advancement of the independent artist and to continue our push for radio stations to start playing music that
is just as good as the limited amount of Top 40 major artists being played now on their stations. We support
all music associations and will strive to help support the musical genres they represent.

The Roots Music Association online will become a non profit organization with massive influence within the music
industry if we bring all music formats together and concentrate on helping to promote the music and
the artist and musicians.

It is time that an association is formed to actually help all artists and refuse to become another good ole boy
network with hidden agendas that only caters to the powers to be in the music industry.