The Roots Music Association is a membership organization dedicated to bringing "roots" artists, the
professional entertainment community, and their audiences together on a global level.

The Association achieves its goals by providing a strong vision, professional development, resource sharing,
and advocacy to ensure the preservation and enactment of laws favorable to our industry, members, and all
those who create, disseminate and support "roots" music.

We will actively seek out and partner with local, state and national arts organizations, government agencies,
business leaders, individual philanthropists, educators, and all music associations for each genre and artists
to increase awareness of "roots" music as both an art form and as a viable industry with significant impact on
the economy.

The RMA is dedicated to the furtherance of "roots" music in all of its varied forms may include, but is not
limited to: Roots Country, Bluegrass, Roots Rock, Blues, Jazz, True Country, Zydeco, World, Tejano-Conjunto,
Western, Reggae, Western Swing, World, Roots Gospel, Celtic, and Folk. The RMA was formed to promote,
foster, and cultivate the preservation, enjoyment, support, and performance of "roots" music worldwide.

For far too long artists have had too little voice in the manufacturing, distribution and promotion of their music
on a national and international level and too little means to extract fair support and compensation for their
work. Our collective voice, power and success will be realized by honoring the standards and expectations
we collectively set for ourselves in pursuit of our goals and by supporting and following the bylaws that we
adopt for ourselves. We are forming strategic partnerships with allied organizations to increase our voice in
support of "roots" music on both a domestic and international level.

Our goals are to increase access to needed resources for our members and to educate "independent artists"
and small companies on how to turn their "art" into commerce, while expanding the breadth of the "roots"
music experience and lifestyle for the general public. We do the work we do on a global level so that our
members in the field can do their work in their local areas more efficiently, with wider impact, and more

We believe the performing arts inspire leadership. Each of our members can and should play an active role in
the RMA, the professional arts world, and in the greater global "Roots Music" community. By accepting the
responsibility to lead and exercising their own creativity, our members advance both themselves and their
professional partners and audiences.

It is the purpose and goal of the RMA to bring people of a like mind together to join hands, hearts and
resources to stimulate growth in our professional community and to preserve, celebrate and promote this
unique and powerful art form for the benefit of those who will follow after; that it might not be, in future
years, merely an academic curiosity, but remain a viable art form indefinitely, continuing to bring blessings
and enrichment to the world.